The club has reached an agreement with Outdoor Escape at Simonsrust centre (Simonsrust Spar) to distribute our club clothing for us.

The process to order club clothing is as follows:

1. Order your clothes from the club’s weppage.
2. Pay via EFT and email your proof of payment to the club secretary at
3. The secretary will notify you on verification of the order, and you can then pick up your clothes form Outdoor Escape.

It is currently not possible to pay for the clothes at the shop.

Please remember to bring your order number with you when you pick up the clothes. Please allow for a day or so for all the admin to happen.

Please note that the shop only delivers a service and the club orders and supplies the clothing. If you are unhappy about anything regarding the clothing kindly speak to the club committee and do not abuse the shop personnel.

Please Note: It is compulsory to wear navy running shorts at races. Outdoor Escape has navy shorts for sale.